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While most people agree that racism is wrong, and causes harm to others, often discussions about race are difficult, and lead to misunderstandings and conflict. The Richland County Community Equity Challenge is an opportunity for people to individually explore a different topic each day, with suggested reflection and action items. Some people may choose to use the challenge as a jumping off point to have deeper conversations with others as well.

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How it works

Sign Up

The challenge is free and signing up is easy. All you need is an email address, and if you prefer texts you can receive the daily challenge via text message.

Receive the Daily Challenge

You’ll receive one email or text per day for eight days. The daily challenge will include a short video or article, reflection questions, and action items you could do in the community or at home.

Reflect, engage, and share

Now you can reflect on the challenge topics, put them into action in the community, and invite others to join you.

Get involved

Want to share the challenge with your organization?

Get our community kit

We’ll send you resources like flyers, suggested social media posts, and group discussion questions to put the equity challenge into practice in your organization.

Build Awareness

  • Free posters and printables.
  • Sample email and social media content.

Get Involved

We’ll provide ideas of activities and discussions your organization can use to increase participation and engagement.

Continue the Conversation

  • Suggested discussion questions and activities.
  • Tips on handling negativity and push-back.
  • Additional resources.

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What your friends and neighbors are saying:

Racism is a national epidemic. It’s important to participate in the Equity Challenge to bring awareness to individuals who may not know of the day-to-day issues and concerns that ethnic groups face.

Anna Durtschi

Whenever I see marginalized groups in distress, I find it difficult to walk away without trying to support them. After I read the NECIC Richland County State of the African American Report in 2020, I knew our community had to become educated on the disparities that exist and come up with solutions for better outcomes.

–Amy Hiner

Richland County Community Equity Challenge

One community united together against racism.